There is no way you’re Philippino!¨

Some experiences that I have had with race and racism would be that when someone would try to guess where my ancestors were from or my race. They would say white or places in Europe like England or Scotland. When I tell them that I’m one fourth Philippino, most of the time people don’t believe me a deny what I just said. Sometimes it takes a bit for people to believe me and face the fact that I’m one fourth Philippino. My six word memoir connects to what I just said. It’s about when I tell people that I’m Philippino they basically say my six word memoir to me. People sometimes don’t believe me when I tell them about my race. I’ve never had an experience with a racist person and it’s probably a good thing. I know that one thing that contributes to racist people is that they grow up around racist stereotypes or that they never learn the differences between stereotypes and how people actually are. As I’ve grown up I have learned the difference between stereotypes and the truth and how it can affect people. I think that it is good to expose kids to these harsh topics so they know about them and the different problems that arise from it. Also, if you start talking with them about it at a younger age they will feel more open to talk about race and racism.

Race Doesn’t Biologically Exist; How Race Came To Be.

Race doesn’t biologically exist. It was created by us humans to classify or put people into different groups according to where their ancestors are from. According to Science Daily, a biologist from Washington University In St. Louis says “Race doesn’t matter.” “In fact, it doesn’t even exist in humans.” According to Alan R. Templeton, Ph.D., professor of biology in Arts and Sciences at Washington University, who has analyzed DNA from global human populations that revealed the patterns of human evolution over the past one million years. “There is plenty of genetic variation in humans, most of the variation is individual variation.” “While between-population variation exists, it is either too small, which is a quantitative variation, or it is not the right qualitative type of variation” — “it doesn’t mark historical sub lineages of humanity.” Using the latest molecular biology techniques, Templeton analyzed millions of genetic sequences and found that there are three distinct types of human DNA and concluded that, “in the scientific sense, the world is colorblind and that’s how it should be.” This is showing that there has been several changes between how people look over the past one million years, but not much change between populations as a whole. It means that the visual changes between us are too small and insignificant to mean anything. They’re just very minute differences that make us feel like we are very different from one another. This matters because we feel that if someone has a different skin color than me they are very different, when actually it’s completely false. Those changes are part of only 0.01% or less of our genes. In other words, we are 99.9%+ the same. Now you see that through evidence race doesn’t biologically exist. Race may not really exist, but discrimination still does. If you see people getting discriminated because of what they look like, make sure to tell the people that are discriminating the person that race doesn’t exist and that what we look like shouldn’t be a problem that some people have to face.


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