We’re Created Equal; Act like it.

Wherever I may go, my sister and I are always questioned about our ethnicity, we apparently look Native or Brazilian or Indian. I don’t know if I should be offended or flattered. I hate when people think of all maids as Mexican or Latina, it’s just rude. No one should be put under a generalization by ignorant people who are most of the time just confused. This is what is aggravating me the most, being on the dividing line, I am Mexican and White, listening to both ends talk about the other in devastating ways. When some of my friends ask me if I speak Spanish I say, “Does it look like I do?” The fact being that I am tan and like some Mexican food, shouldn’t make me a stereotype. I used to think I was just American or white. But now I know I’m also all of these wonderful ethnicities too, German, Irish, Mexican. I guess this is what makes me… Me.

“Race” is not real, just hate is…

Race will never be proven biologically. Race is a label people put on each other to discriminate the other. There is no cell in the body that can prove race is genetic or biological. During World War II the ideology of “race” and “racism” reached to Germany and led to a man exterminating over 11 million people. This man was Adolf Hitler. He believed that these people were of an “Inferior races” (e.g., Jews, Gypsies, Africans, homosexuals, and so forth). According to the Institute for Human Genomics, we share 99% of the same DNA codes with each other! So why are people so cruel to others just because they look different? This study shows that we should be able to stop racism and discrimination globally with these statistics and studies. In conclusion “Race” will never be biologically real, but it is still there under our noses each day of our life. I hope that our next generation will not have to grow up knowing the tragic word, that is Race…

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