One-drop rule, my a**

Nobody’s daughter,
Boston, MA.

It’s simple, really:

Anything over 50% is a majority.

Therefore, being 25% black (one black grandparent) does not equal “being black”.

I say this because I’m fed up of being told I’m crazy, or getting looks because I’m 25% black AND IDENTIFY AS WHITE.
Guess what? My kids are white; I’m not a different race from them. I gave birth to them, they share my genetics.
What’s sad is the fact that I’ve heard such ignorant things directed at us, such as: “that’s not her mother, she’s what you call an au pair” “oh, is he an albino black kid?” “She looks just like her brother!!” “Oh, you’re the mother? They must look like their father, then”

I will never identify as black, because I’m not culturally or even really racially black. And honestly, I don’t have any connection or desire to connect with blacks.

I grew up in an upper middle class white home and never thought I wasn’t mixed or culturally white/European, so…
I am who I am. If it’s becoming more accepted to be trans*, then it should be accepted that I’m a mixed white person.


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