I am Black, Mexican, and White…

R.E.A.L. Talk,
High Tech Middle Media Arts
7th Grade Trailblazer

I used to think that I was not any other type of race than Mexican because I grew up around Mexican food and my nana used to speak Spanish a lot. Then one day my dad was talking about race and he told me I was Mexican, black, and white because of my mom. I am 25% white, 25% black because that is from my mom. From my dad I am 50% Mexican. I didn’t get bullied for my race. I also did not get any racist comments when I was growing up. Someone in my class thought that I was only Mexican, but I did not get offended by that because I am more Mexican than white and black. I used to hear on youtube and movies that white girls couldn’t dance and black people couldn’t do ballet. I also used to think that rap and hip hop was for black people only. I also used to think that country was for white people only until I heard a black person singing country music. My perspective changed after i heard a black person sing country (Darius Rucker) and a white person rap.

Race is Not Real

Race is not scientifically real, but socially real. Before 1960 black people weren’t allowed to sit in certain places of restaurants and were not allowed to use the same bathroom as white people. According to VOX a youtube channel race drives a lot of social and political outcomes. Race isn’t real. One of the first people who attempted to categorize race was a german scientist named Johann Friedrich Blumenbach around 1770 and 1776. He came up with Caucasian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Ethiopian, and American. In the 2000s the government decided Americans can be more than one race on the census. When the medical community uses race for health outcomes it is using race for a substitute for other factors.Such as where your ancestors came from or the same people who may have been put in the same group as you. There is no race chromosome in our DNA that people can point to because race does not exist. The reason why it matters is because there are a lot of wars going on because of race and that people think that it is real. In conclusion race is socially real and NOT scientifically real. You can’t look at someone’s DNA and say they are this type of race. This proves that race isn’t re


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