Brown girl rejected with red blood


Grew up as the only little brown girl in class, always having to explain why my hair grew up to the skies when it rained and the humidity took control of my tresses, then drew tightly too my head. Never getting assistance from the PTA moms passing out red and black combs on picture day to make all the yellow-haired girls pretty for their cameo shots for school pictures. Always being left out, last picked, first ignored. Always looking for other under-dogs to befriend, going over to play with them, getting told by parents that lil’ Suzie isn’t allowed to play with n*****s. Me, going home confused because I wasn’t that bad word they said that I did not understand. It was the name my momma gave me and I was Suzie’s friend. I grew up to enter the field of science and eventually write book on embracing the beauty of hair that rises up to praise the Lord and a crown made uniquely to protect my brain and my body from the harsh subsaharan heat, hair that measures the barometric pressure of the wind and responds to shield me from the elements or expands to release energy when needed controlled by a medulla found in brain and tightly coiled hair – uniquely by God.


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