Chicana Falsa I Am Not!

FullSizeRender-2Amber Nicole Gutierrez,
Hemet, CA.

Everyone grew up with a different life-style, just because I look of Mexican decent does not mean I am the same as every Mexican stereotype. I am an American and have grew up in the middle of both worlds of “American” and “Mexican”. I understand Spanish and speak some. I was not raised in the barrio it does not mean I do not know the culture. I may shout the word Loteria but it does not mean I do not know of the word buenas. I am as American as they come . My father served in military for a 20 years span, my mother was born here as her mom’s mom was. However, I do self-identify as a Chicana. This is due to the wonderful culture of Mexico and the Cesar Chavez Movement for civil rights and belief in higher education. I hope to assist minorities wherever disparities are found.



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