Half White, Half Hispanic, Full Human

Photo-on-7-18-16-at-11.15-PM-5John Michael Rendon Nicholson,
San Antonio, TX.

Growing up around Latinos and Caucasians, I was either “too White for Latinos” or “Too Latino for Whites”. Very few people saw me as “one of them”, even to this day. Of course, this didn’t stop me from indulging in my culture. I learned Spanish; and I even speak it better than some of my “full blooded” Mexican friends. I learned how to dance both Spanish and American music; a trait that all people love after a couple of beers. I also got the opportunity to see some of Mexico, a land rich in culture, while coming back to my beautiful state of Texas. I used to be ashamed of not being 100% one race or the other, but now, I see it as a gift. Very few people are given the gift of being mixed. To all the mixed people reading this, I tell you to be proud of who you are. Go learn about both of your cultures, and embrace them; both make you who you are. We are all humans with our own culture, and some of us having bit more than others.


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