I’m not proud of being a WASP.

Nancy MacLeod,
Philo, CA.

I have ancestors that came to America in 1630- among the 1st to take advantage of the indigenous people. What is to be proud of, is how your family lived, how you live. I can be proud of my family because they were hard working and honest- but were they compassionate and wise? Did they believe in equality for all? Or did they believe in making money at the expense of others? Those things I don’t know. But I can be confident in my own life that those are driving factors for me. As for fearing “the other”- immigrants, people of whatever race- those fears are false. It is not immigrants, or people of some other color that are making it “hard” on “white American males”. It’s our ever-more elite law makers who allow corporations to expand exponentially until only 8 men in the world own as much wealth as the poorest half- 3.5 BILLION- of the world’s population! The “powers-that-be” are very good at obfuscating the real reasons for peoples’ angst and struggle, making it seem like the “others” are making it harder for them, but the reality is we need to re-do our laws- like Citizens United; like anti-monopoly laws that have been eviscerated and/or not enforced; like the removal of Glass-Stiegal; like voting laws and educational laws and redlining and drug laws and all the other unfair laws our government has in place- they try to keep us, “the masses”, from realizing the truth: We all may look different, but we are all one family- the family of humanity! (I don’t think government is bad- just some of the people who are controlling it…but that’s another talk…)


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