Skin says black, hair says mixed.

me-2Carolyn Hipkins,
Largo, MD.

All my life I’ve been told that I have “good hair”. Its very soft and with a loose curl pattern. If I straighten it or put a relaxer in it it looks like Caucasian hair. But let the humidity go up. My hair reverts to its natural curly state. I spent many years fighting with my mother and my hair trying to get to look and stay looking like Caucasian hair.

When I was 40 I made peace with my hair and put it into Sisterlocks. It was then I learned that I had 3 or 4 different hair textures. As my Loctitian said, I can’t be racist, I have everybody living in my head’. I kept them my hair for several years.

I know longer have Sisterlocks. I had to take them out because it is expensive to keep them maintained. I’m in the process of looking for another job and once again, hair issues have come. The picture posted is me on a day when I had an interview. I had flat-ironed my hair so I would look “professional”. I was stressed that day because it was very humid and my hair was reverting back. It turns out all the stress and hassle over my hair wasn’t worth it. The organization canceled the position.

I’ve decided to make peace with my hair again. This weekend I’m getting a cut that will let me keep my hair in its natural state and look professional. I’m done fighting with my hair. It is what it is.


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