Were you raised in a barn?

Jordyn Brown,

I am the horse girl that never grew out of her “horse girl” stage. I started taking horseback riding lessons at the age of 13 and loved it. When my riding skills improved a started showing in hunters and equitation. The horse world is predominantly white, especially in English disciplines of riding, whereas Western disiplines are more diverse. I recall one time when I was about 16 I was at a show grooming my horse and a lady walked up to me and ask if I could groom her horse next. I simply replied to her by saying I wasn’t a groom. She looked shocked as I paid her no mind and continued to groom my horse. At that age I was able to somewhat understand that she was making a racial stereotype of me being “the help”. Oh honey it’s the 21st century. Do better. Are racial profiling and making microaggressive remarks still cool where your from? The 1950s called and want their moronic logic back.


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