I’m done with all the fights


I have been having debates with my husband for a long time. We have spoken about how there is trained racism and acknowledge white privilege to a point. There are still one points that do not make total sense to us but we are tired. We have best friends who are of other colors who have both been the victim and the perpetrator. I am caucasian due to my Irish/french/spanish genes. I don’t understand anymore. I don’t understand why we can’t all just act like humans and label ourselves as human. Most of the Africans and African Americans I have met are very successful people, very funny and have excellent bone structure. I don’t see a persons skin though the last few days I have been trying if only for a better chance to observe what I am confused about. My whole life I was taught to treat people as people. Yet in the last years people have been rioting about crime and hate. I feel almost like the world in regressing into a terrible version of the post civil war era. I never want that to happen. But right now I am terrified of saying the wrong thing to be called a racist. I don’t feel I am. I have worked on projects with almost every culture and skin color through my life. I just don’t understand anymore why we can’t all just be human and treat each other like humans.


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