Straight white male? Must be racist.

R.E.A.L. Talk,
High Tech Middle Media Arts,
7th Grade Trailblazer

Even if I haven’t really been discriminated against by groups of people thinking they are superior to other groups of people, I feel that as a white person I am being mis-represented by white supremacy groups and neo-nazis. I feel that certain groups of people blame people like me because we, as in white males, have always oppressed others and I am seen as a part of that. Yes that is true that men have oppressed others, yes most if not all dictators are men, yes white men enslaved black men, but that does not mean all men oppress and hate other groups of people. White people are not to blame for all the injustice in the world, I as a human am just as angry when an unarmed black man is shot for no reason other than being black. I as a United States citizen am just as frustrated with the criminal justice system in America and how there is an incentive to arrest, pull over, and ID minorities and how private prisons can make laws.

I as a young adult am just as horrified when a man can buy firearms and shoot up a school, taking innocent lives. It is not my fault that there is racism in america, it is a problem we as the human race created and must solve. Saying every life on the Earth matters shouldn’t be a symbol of racism. Saying that shouldn’t be frowned upon because it takes away from black lives matter. I am not saying that black lives don’t matter just to clarify I just feel that we shouldn’t focus on one group or ethnicity because we should get to point in America where your gender, ethnicity, and religion doesn’t matter. If you are American that’s all that matters and nothing else. We need to get away from the bias and casual racism assuming a person’s actions before they have even done something because of how they look.

Race, is not real, so stop fighting because of it.

Yes you heard me, there is one race: the human race. We are all too similar to be a subspecies of the human race, meaning, that one race was created as as the human race. We classified each other into groups of people either so we could have an excuse for treating other groups as servants/slaves and to prove that they could treats others as inferior or to explain why we should get special treatment. Race is a social construct. This shouldn’t be up for debate, race was created to discriminate and to convince people that they were superior there is no other reason. During the 1800’s churches would teach about how slavery was ethical and should be allowed, during the late 1900’s and to this day we are trying to prove that a black man is a criminal, all for what? So we think of ourselves as better? According to the American Anthropology Association (or AAA) there is more biological variation in “racial” groups than between them. What they are saying is that two men of the same “race” standing next to each other are less alike than one of those men and a white man standing next to each other.

This means we are only different by a small amount, meaning calling a man of a different “race” a thief because of their looks and behavior is at the same time calling yourself a thief as well. We can’t do this to ourselves, separating each other by how we look. Why should I care? So what? You should care because while you’re reading this 59% of all the hate crimes being committed right now are racially and ethnically motivated. Meaning out of the roughly 455 hate crimes this month 268 will be about how people look and where they are from. This is unacceptable in America, the land where every person is created equal. If we can show people how stupid it is to think of others differently because of their looks most of those 268 hate crimes would cease, it doesn’t take a scientist to see that. As you can see we need to get past our petty differences and arguments based off of something that doesn’t exist. We need to teach everyone about this because a nation of immigrants shouldn’t be banning immigrants because of their culture and looks. We all at some point had our ancestors move here for a better life so why can others do the same?


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