Trust me, I’m not a stereotype.

Jazmine McKinney,
Winter Garden, FL.

Yes, I am black. No I am not angry. I actually smile all the time, and I get odd looks because of it. I guess I don’t act like people think black girls should act? Yes, I love Disney. I honestly don’t like rap music all that much. I love all kinds of dances, not just hip hop. Yes I follow Christ, and to make things interesting, I speak Mandarin Chinese. Does that make me black? I’m not sure. Depends on your definition of black. Am I any other color? Well, no. One good look at me will tell you that. I guess I am who I am. I don’t fit all stereotypes, and apparently, I can’t put my identity in my race. At the end of the day, your race really does end up being just your skin color. It doesn’t define who you are. It never will.


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