I’m not Mexican, I am me.

When I was younger, I always thought that race was real, I was surprised to find that it is not biologically real. Now that I know this I realized that some stereotypes I made about people are not true. I had always thought that if you looked one way then you were from a certain place but throughout this experience, I have learned not to make those stereotypes because they are not always true. Now I know I am not a certain race. I believe that no one is more important than one another because we are all one species: HUMAN. I just found out last year that I also have Native American in me, I thought that this was very interesting and surprising. I have seen many shootings on T.V. I am still shocked and questioning why people are doing this just because of how someone talks or looks. Sometimes I wonder if racism will ever stop or if it will just keep going on and on. I hope people will take a stand for these serious topics. I think that even in the election people are being racist to others. If people can just talk and not fight about these things I think racism will decrease. I hope that someday racism will end completely. If we keep raising awareness we will get people to talk about this and help!

Race is not real.

Race is not real. Race is only socially real. According to Vox, “There is no such thing as race because, there is not a race chromosome in our our body. It simply doesn’t exist”. We are all too alike to be a different race than one another. The reason we have different skin colors is because of where our ancestors came from. If your ancestors lived closer to the equator then they developed darker skin. Based on our environment we did certain things and looked certain ways and there is nothing wrong with that. Even though race is not real, ethnicity is real. So why are we still making these unfair judgements? It is just part of our nature to see different shapes and lines in things. That is why we sometimes see faces in trees or inanimate objects, so this comes into play when making judgements. The American Anthropological Association stated that “Differences among the “racial” categories were projected to their greatest extreme when the argument was posed that Africans, Indians, and Europeans were separate species, with Africans the least human and closer taxonomically to apes” they disagreed. Since race is not real, what will you do about this?


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