You are more than one race?

R.E.A.L. Talk,
High Tech Middle Media Arts,
7th Grade Trailblazer

Before this project I didn’t know much about race or racism, but then I figured out a lot of people have been stereotypical or racist in my community, with my friends, or people on social media. When I heard this term that people were saying it kind of hurt me because they were saying things like ¨ All white girls do this…¨ and I didn’t know how to react because I didn’t know that was towards me. I thought this because I didn’t identify as ¨white.” I identified as Irish, Norwegian, Scottish, and more. That’s how I got this memoir because a lot of people think I am just ¨White¨ or ¨American¨ but I wanted to prove that I am more than that, I think I´m way more unique this way. I´ve grown up in amazing, loving and accepting family, I’ve always been taught to treat people how they want to be treated, which helped me because some parents don’t teach their kids about racism and how everyone should be treated the same, which could cause problems when their older because if we don’t address this problem nothing will change. Sometimes people don´t want to talk about the issue of racism because it could be uncomfortable or they don’t want to talk about the negative parts of life and what’s going on.

Race was made by US.

Race was not made by genetics, it was made by US. Most people think race is biologically real, but it was really made by Europeans who found people that looked and talked differently from them, so they categorized them into a ¨race.¨ This happened because they were ¨usually assigning the highest qualities to their own people and lower qualities to the “Other” people, either lower classes or outsiders to their society.¨ They made it so they were more powerful than people that were different from them. Race is a manmade word that turned into racism, which caused a lot of controversy between different ethnicities, because they were being rude to each other, but it all started with the Europeans being racist, then evaluated to ¨white¨ people being racist against ¨black¨ people. Racism back then was awful: there were separate water fountains, pools, schools. Even though we’ve come a long way with fixing a lot of racism in our world, there is still a very long way to go because we don’t accept the fact that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. It matters what you look like on the inside.


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